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Intelligent Connected Thermostat

This board is a response to the complete lack of intelligent connected thermostats on the market. Sure, there are plenty of devices that are called "smart", but they all have one thing in common, which is that their manufacturers are being "smart". They're pulling a fast one -- taking advantage of your lack of knowledge in order to charge you an absurdly high price for the privilege of having them install a data mining apparatus in your home. The one place where you should feel safe, and secure against surveillance.

We call this "Intelligent", because it respects YOUR intelligence. Open source firmware, standardized communications protocols, strong cryptographic security. You can self-host the services needed for secure remote access, rather than depending on an unknown black box. You are guaranteed that it will continue to operate for as long as you wish to use it, and not just until the service provider decides to pull the plug. You are assured that NOBODY can alter the features or conditions of your use of it behind your back. You have the freedom to alter its behavior in any way you wish.

There are no terms of service. No end user license agreement. No external account is required.

And nobody has access to your data besides YOU.


Complete unit, assembled by hand.


Product Description

Please note that this is sold only as the assembled board. There is no fancy case, there is no display, and there are no buttons. It is recommended that the board be installed in an appropriately sized well ventilated project box. The interface is provided through an open source application to run on your smartphone, tablet, or television.

The board is programmed over a 3.3v UART.

The firmware and application we provide implement the Homie 4.0.0 specification for IoT. The user will be required to configure an MQTT server, such as Mosquitto, which is packaged with all major Linux distributions, including OpenWRT. Our recommended configuration for Mosquitto is SSL using self-signed certificates, with mandatory client certificates, and a password file. The reason for this, is that it causes both the client (Thermostat, smart phone application), and server, to authenticate each other cryptographically, and this dual authentication is only possible if both the server and client certificates are signed by the same certificate authority. With the certificate authority private key safely in your hands only, it makes unauthorized connections and eavesdropping as close to impossible as humanly possible.

Precise details for installing and configuring Mosquitto on OpenWRT will be provided in the Software and programming guide.

Software and Documentation

Software and programming guide -- Coming soon

Firmware source code -- Coming soon

Mobile application source code -- Coming soon

Questions and answers

Pricing and Availability

Small orders are available for $125 Canadian per unit. Shipping, import duties, taxes, are in addition.

Please contact us to place an order.

For large orders, please contact us regarding volume pricing and lead times.